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The University of Tartu invites its alumni back to the university city on 18 May. The first half of the get-together "Back to the university" will be filled with gatherings at institutes, tours of the university buildings, lectures by legendary academic staff and revived student traditions.
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On Wednesday, 10 April, at 19:00, the second University of Tartu Spring Run will take place.
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The concert is free for all schoolchildren and students and features music by Mozart, Vivaldi, Saariaho, Bochherini and Vasks.
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What if reality was just a fabrication of our brains?


Our institute conducts world-class research in a number of fields - developmental psychology, affective and cognitive psychology, personality and social psychology, clinical and health psychology, and more. People associated with the institute publish more than 50 research papers each year in the world's leading scientific journals and some of our employees belong to the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

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The Institute of Psychology of the University of Tartu is the leading provider of psychological education in Estonia. In our institute one can study psychology on the Bachelor's and Master's levels where the studies are conducted mostly in Estonian. International students with previous experience in psychology are welcome to our PhD studies which are passable in English.

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About the Institute

The Institute of Psychology is small but active. Our education is valued and our staff are recognized scientists and active shapers of society. We are characterized by close cooperation with social scientists, economists, jurists, political scientists, educators and many other colleagues and students, who together form the broadest field of social sciences in Estonia.

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