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The last “Harmonia Universitatis” concert this academic year

On Thursday, 28 March, at 18:00, this academic year’s last concert in the “Harmonia Universitatis” series will take place. The concert is free for all schoolchildren and students and features music by Mozart, Vivaldi, Saariaho, Bochherini and Vasks.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s serenade Eine kleine Nachtmusik (A Little Serenade) is one of the best-known and best-loved works in Mozart’s oeuvre and in classical music in general; its opening bars are familiar to almost everyone. Its radiant and carefree character, perfectly polished form and memorable melodies make it an unsurpassed masterpiece that is played and listened to again and again. In addition to the lively and energetic first movement, the serenade contains a lyrical romance and a charming minuet and ends with a catchy, rhythmic finale.

Mozart’s masterpiece, together with other gems by Vivaldi, Saariaho, Boccherini and Vasks, will be performed by Triin Ruubel, an esteemed violin soloist, ensemble member, ERSO concertmaster and lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT), together with young and brilliant string players from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The orchestra also includes acclaimed musicians Mairit Mitt-Bronikowska (viola), Liina Žigurs (viola), Theodor Sink (cello), and Reinut Tepp (harpsichord).

The concert series Harmonia Universitatis has been launched by the University of Tartu and EAMT. In this series, the students and lecturers of the academy take the audience on a musical voyage of discovery, offering timeless classical music and modern pieces by Estonian and foreign composers. The concert series aims to offer beautiful musical experiences to South Estonian audiences in the magnificent assembly hall of the University of Tartu.

The concert series is a gift from the two universities to the student community, for whom the concerts are free of charge. Tickets are available at the venue and in Piletikeskus.

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