Doctoral students are invited to three-minute thesis competition

On 11 November, the university invites all doctoral students to the University of Tartu three-minute thesis competition to present their research to colleagues and the general public. Both Estonian and English presentations are welcome.

The competition is a good opportunity to get more public visibility for your research and hear about the work of doctoral students in various other research fields.

If you want to present your work to the audience and the jury on 11 November, fill in the registration form by 4 November. To take part in the competition, prepare an engaging three-minute presentation that gives a brief overview of the aim of your research, the problem you are solving and the ways to solve it. Underline how and to whom it is important and what is new and exciting about your approach. 

The jury will select the three best presenters in both Estonian and English, who will receive a cash prize. The video recording of the best English presentation will represent the University of Tartu at the international Coimbra Group competition. At the Coimbra Group 3-minute-thesis competition, an international jury will select the three best who will have the opportunity to present their work at the final competition at the network's annual conference.  

 Due to the conditions of the Coimbra Group competition, only doctoral students who are currently actively studying are invited to participate with an English presentation. At the event, a video recording will be made of each presentation. In cooperation with the ERR science news portal Novaator, we will also offer the opportunity to publish the topics presented in the competition.

Read more about the competition on the university's homepage.

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Lecture series “Between the ears”: Neuro-auditory Profile of Children and Adolescents with AD(H)D

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Doctoral defence: Nino Gugushvili “Digital communication technologies and mental health: an interplay between usage types and user characteristics”

On March 20 at 17:00 Nino Gugushvili will defend her doctoral thesis “Digital communication technologies and mental health: an interplay between usage types and user characteristics”.
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Psühholoogia instituudi uurijad laboris

Research groups in the Institute of Psychology