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Personality psychology

Personality has long been one of the most intriguing and interesting topics in popular psychology. How to reliably measure personality and what to do with the results? Read more about what our researchers are doing in this field. 

The reasons and development of personality traits

A genetic component in the variety of personality traits. Age differences in personality traits.

Researchers: René Mõttus, Kenn Konstabel, Uku Vainik, Liisi Ausmees, Anu Realo, Jüri Allik 

A selection of publications:

Assessing personality traits 

Researchers: René Mõttus, Kenn Konstabel, Uku Vainik, Anu Realo, Jüri Allik  

A selection of publications:

Connections between personality traits, life choices and coping 

Researchers: Katarina Kliit, Kätlin Anni, Kadri Arumäe, René Mõttus, Kenn Konstabel, Uku Vainik 

Behavioural genetics  

Like father, like son. Genes clearly impact our behaviour, but how do they do it? Our institute has considerable experience with various methods, from candidate genes to polygenic scores and twin studies. Now we have a clearer understanding how education and entrepreneurship, risk taking, brain and obesity emerge. As genetic analyses need large-scale data, we continue collaboration with Estonian Biobank, collecting data on genes, personality and cognitive abilities from tens of thousands of gene donors.  

Researchers: Uku Vainik, Liisi Ausmees, Iiris Tuvi, Triin Kurrikoff 

A selection of publications: 

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